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Received a tribunal claim?

We never lose sight of the commercial outcome our clients seek and we take a proactive and robust approach to case management.

For all organisations which employ staff it is a sad fact of life that sooner or later an Employment Tribunal claim will be received. Whilst successive governments have sought to tinker with the Employment Tribunal system to make it quicker, fairer or cheaper, these interventions usually make law and procedure around the Tribunals more rather than less complicated.

Our experienced Tribunal litigators fight to win rather than just to settle clients’ cases at the last minute. We seek to get a grip on the issues in the case right at the outset and provide an assessment at the earliest possible stage of the merits of the case, the risks, the costs and a recommended strategy. We never lose sight of the commercial outcome our clients seek and we take a proactive and robust approach to case management.

Our cases

Over the last three years we have ultimately won or settled on favourable terms 99% of claims brought against employers who we have represented.

We generally conduct our own advocacy in the Employment Tribunal but we use Counsel where appropriate and agreed with our clients.

Where possible we are prepared to share the risk of litigation with our clients by offering costs certainty. This enables you to defend Employment Tribunal claims with confidence that the price quoted at the outset is what you will pay.

How can Taylor&Emmet LLP help?

Our experience in handling grievances, mediation and Compromise Agreements also means that we can advise on how best to prevent disputes progressing to a Tribunal claim.

We offer a range of complementary services to seek to prevent Tribunal claims from arising and to lessen the impact on your management time and your business if they do arise. These include HR consultancy to give you hands-on help with following the proper workplace procedures, training on managing conduct, performance and conflict in the workplace and on how Tribunals hearings work.  We are also able to obtain insurance cover against the legal costs and awards of compensation which may arise out of Tribunal claims to provide peace of mind for those managing staff.

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