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When you have a difficult tenant, you need a competent solicitor to take the stress out of eviction and/or rent arrears recovery. Our approach is a clear three step process charged at a fixed rate, so you can expect an efficient service without the fear of amounting a huge bill along the way.

Step 1 - £150 plus VAT

First, we will read all the documents that you have in relation to the tenancy so we fully understand the situation, ensuring we serve the right sort of notice. A service of notice informs your tenant that you want to evict them and/or that you are taking legal action to recover any rent owed to you. This document, sent with a strongly worded letter written by us, is often all that is needed to evict your tenant and/or collect the rent arrears. We will send this within 48 hours of you instructing us.

The cost of Step 1 is £150 plus VAT

 Step 1 - Eviction notice

Step 2 - £600 plus VAT

If the eviction notice doesn’t work and your tenant is still occupying your property and/or owes you rent, it is time to begin court proceedings. This can be a daunting prospect, so we will do all of the necessary preparation to get the court order, we will pay the court fee and if necessary, we will represent you in court, obtaining an eviction order against your tenant which asks them to vacate the property.

The cost of Step 2 (including court representation) is £600 (plus VAT), please note this does not include the court fee. If the court hearing or waiting period lasts longer than 15 minutes, we charge £75 for each additional 30 minutes. If the case is defended, or requires another hearing, extra charges will apply.

 Step 2 - Possession proceedings

Step 3 - £160 plus VAT

If the tenant still refuses to leave your property after they receive a court order, your next legal option is to use a court bailiff to evict them. We can arrange this and payment on your behalf and we will let you know what eviction date has been set, and advise you on anything else you need to do.

The cost of Step 3 is £160 (plus VAT), please note this does not include the court fee.

 Step 3 - Evicting your tenant

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