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Are they worth chasing?

We will pursue your tenant or tenant guarantor for rent arrears on a fixed fee basis.

Consider at the outset what you know about the tenant. Are they worth chasing? For example, if the tenant is claiming benefits or is a student it may not be proportionate to spend money pursuing the debt.

If the tenant has already left the property you will need the tenant’s forwarding address. If you do not have this information we can trace the debtor. Our fixed fee for tracing the debtor is £120 plus VAT. Click here to trace the debtor.

We will discuss with you what you know about the debtor and we will advise you which legal remedy is the most appropriate. We will then make the application to court and deal with the entire legal process on your behalf.

It is most likely that a small claims summons or attachment of earnings is appropriate. However, there other legal remedies available which we can discuss with you. Please telephone us on 0114 218 4123.

 Instruct us to trace
the debtor - £120 plus VAT

Letter before action/demand letter


Issue of legal proceedings

in the small claims court including payment of court fee.

i. If arrears under £1,500: £260

ii. If arrears are between £1,501-£3,000: £275

iii. If arrears are between £3,001-£5,000: £300

iv. if the arrears are above £5000, please call 0114 218 4321 to discuss the case

Attending the hearing

If after the issue of proceedings, the tenants file a defence, you will be required to pay an additional court fee (allocation fee) of £40 if the claim is for rent arrears of greater than £1,500 and less that £5,000. The court will then list your claim for a hearing. You can chose to represent yourself. It is not a requirement to have legal representation at this hearing and the court is designed to allow you to represent yourself. If however you do want representation then our charge for preparing and representing you will depend on the length of the hearing.

i. If the court list the hearing for a one hour hearing, our charge for preparing and attending the hearing is £480 inclusive of VAT.

ii. If the court list the hearing for a two hour hearing, our charge for preparing and attending the hearing is £720 inclusive of VAT.

iii. If the court lists the hearing for a three hour hearing, our charge for preparing and attending the hearing is £960 inclusive of VAT.


If you are successful at the hearing, the court will order the former tenant/guarantor to pay you an amount of money decided by the court. If the tenant/guarantor fails to pay this sum, you will need to take action to “enforce your judgment”. We will discuss with you the most relevant procedure, the options and our fixed costs for each option. These charges are determined by the court fees which are payable for each of the options. We have not listed our fixed fees as the options are numerous and our fixed fees are determined by the level of the court fee which varies depending on the option most appropriate. We believe it appropriate to provide tailored and specific advice to you depending on the individual circumstances of your claim and we would be happy to discuss with you these options and fixed charges.

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