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Senior employees

Getting the right employment law advice at key times during the employment relationship provides senior executives with the peace of mind to focus on their jobs and can help to maximise pay and benefits, and severance compensation.

Over a number of years Tom Draper has developed experience of acting for senior individuals in relation every element of the
employment relationship, from start to finish. He reviews and negotiates the terms of service agreements, contracts of employment and consultancy agreements at the start of the engagement and at the end of the employment relationship he can ensure that the size of the severance package is maximised and paid under the most favourable terms possible.

We provide specialist advice on restrictive covenants, long term incentive plans, share opinion schemes and bonus arrangements in order to ensure that the position of senior employees is protected and enhanced.

Examples of Tom Draper’s recent work includes advising:

1. A Senior employee

on the enforceability of the restrictive covenants in her employment contract and the likely consequences of breaching these as part of setting up her own business.

2. A Director

of an international chemical manufacturer on his services agreement which resulted in the company amending the terms of the agreement to remove their right to alter the director's place of employment..

3. A Director

of a transport company on the restrictive covenants contained in his service agreement and what effect these would have on him when he left their employment.

4. A Director

of a large steel manufacturer on his employment status when he moved from being an employee to a consultant and received a significant amount of compensation under a settlement agreement as a result.

5. A Senior Director

of a national engineering company whose employment was terminating under a settlements agreement. Tom was able to negotiate favourable changes to the agreement to protect his position in relation to his rights under a share option agreement.

6. The Head of Finance

of a national sporting plc who had been offered a settlement agreement by his employer. Tom secured more than double the emplyer's original offer compensation and ensured that a signficant contribution was paid towards his legal fees.

7. The Managing Director

of a large regional manufacturing business to ensure that compensation paid under a settlement agreement by his employer was increased and paid in the most tax efficient way possible.

8. The Operations Manager

of a large plc who was ending his employment under a settlement agreement. Tom was able to negotiate a significant increase to the size of his severance package and ensure that changes were made to the terms of the agreement which protected his reputation and ensured confidentiality.

9. The Managing Director

of a high-tech manufacturing company to end a dispute with his employer which resulted in the payment of a six figure sum under a settlement agreement and the purchase of his shares under s share bu-back arrangement.

10. A Managing Director

of a national timber company who was forced into threatening litigation against his employer after being dismissed without notice. He ended up receiving a settlement at a mediation without the need to issue High Court proceedings.

From the start to the end of the employment relationship as well as all points in between when senior individuals need advice. We have a proven track record of achieving results.

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