We have the capability and expertise to advise both Landlords and Tenants as to their rights and obligations. This includes enforcement of covenants and appropriate remedies. It also encompasses advice as to the renewal and termination of leases.

We provide advice on all types of property dispute, including rights of way and other easements, boundary disputes, restrictive covenants, development agreement, adverse possession claims and trespassers. Furthermore, we have experience in injunctions, mediation, arbitration and expert determination. Our team has also dealt with many Land Registration determinations. We will consider with you whether any of these options are suitable for your dispute and pursue it to your best advantage. If appropriate, we will conduct court proceedings on your behalf effectively and vigorously, at all times mindful of the commercial realities.

Property dispute resolution services include, both commercial and residential, freehold and leasehold; dilapidations; lease renewals, squatters issues, withholding of consent to assignments; recovery of rent, service charge disputes and break clauses.