How do I choose an HR or employment adviser?

And other employment law questions answered

How can I keep up to date with employment law?

Employment law is constantly evolving and staying on top of current developments is not easy. Why not subscribe to our free blog? We provide regular informed opinion on all key legislative and case law developments.

How do I choose an HR or employment adviser?

Look for experience and a genuine expert. Hourly rates are only worth comparing if you are dealing with equally experienced and efficient lawyers. Look for fixed fees where you can. Find out what the firm’s existing clients think of it and what the leading directories say.

How does an SME afford a top ranking lawyer?

Not all expertise has to be expensive. We have invested time and money in our processes and systems in order to provide a fixed fee HR and employment package designed for SMEs. Explore T&E Complete and let us know what you think.

How can I avoid Employment Tribunal claims?

In our experience training for line managers is the best investment when it comes to preventing Tribunal claims. If line managers are sufficiently confident and skilled to tackle every day HR issues head on then fewer claims arise.



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