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How we charge

We understand that in choosing a law firm to represent you, the cost of legal services and receiving value for money are important factors to consider.

We understand that in choosing a law firm to represent you, the cost of legal services and receiving value for money are important factors to consider. For every matter we take on we evaluate the risks, cost and likely benefit to you before we agree to act and we discuss upfront the most appropriate fee structure.

In the vast majority of matters we are able to offer a choice of fee arrangements (usually three options) and payment terms.

All of our fee structures are based upon the principles of transparency, fairness and value.

Examples of our most common charging structures are as follows:

Charging by time spent

This option remains the most popular fee structure. We identify at the outset the most appropriate lawyer or team for your matter and explain the hourly rate of the person or persons who will act for you. We provide a cost estimate at the outset of the matter which we keep up to date as matter progresses (if necessary). We invoice monthly based upon the time spent on your matter that month and we provide a full breakdown of the time spent with each invoice.

The advantage of this option is that you only pay for the lawyer’s time that you need and if your matter concludes early or aborts for any reason then you will only be charged for the time spent up to that point.

Fixed fees

This is proving an increasingly popular fee arrangement. Following an initial exercise to scope the work required to complete your matter we can invariably offer a fixed fee for the entire matter or different fixed fees for different phases of the case or matter. With fixed fees we usually ask for payment upfront or by a couple of instalments.

The advantage of this option is that you have costs certainty - you can budget for exactly what the matter will cost you. Once you have paid the fee you will know there is nothing else to pay in relation to our time spent on the matter. This option helps you to evaluate at the outset the cost/benefit of instructing us to handle your case.

Risk sharing arrangements

We can offer a number of alternative fee arrangements which involve us partnering with clients in sharing the risks inherent in disputes, claims or complex projects. This could be sharing the risk of the outcome or of the amount of work required being different to what we both expected at the outset.

The most popular alternative fee arrangements are the profit share fees cap and the partial-contingency fee arrangement. The advantage of alternative fee structures is that they allow us to move away from a “one size fits all” approach to charging so that we can create a bespoke fee structure suitable for the particular client or matter.

The profit share fees cap is based upon an estimate of the likely cost of the matter but if the work involved is significantly less than the expected fee, or significantly more than the expected fee, then that risk is shared equally between us through an adjusted fee, on a sliding scale.

The partial-contingency fee arrangement involves us agreeing with you what a “win” looks like in relation to your particular matter and we then agree with you a fee if the agreed outcome is achieved and a lower fee if it is not achieved.

Please note that we rarely act on a purely “no win, no fee” basis as we believe that that rarely achieves a fair balance of risk, reward, cost and benefit between lawyer and client in employment law matters.

Note: we reserve the right to request payment on account of costs in relation to any fee structure that we offer and it is our usual practice to request payment on account of costs from new clients.