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On what grounds can you dispute Wills, Trusts or Inheritance?


Disputes and disagreements over a will and estate can be unpleasant. It is important such sensitive Wills and Probate disputes are handled correctly.

There are many reasons for Wills, Trusts or Inheritance to be disputed, including but not limited to:

  • Executors and Trustees are unable to agree on what a particular term in a Will or Trust means
  • Concerns that the person lacked the capacity to make the Will or nominate Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • One party has acted in their own personal interest to the detriment of beneficiaries
  • The Executors or Trustees are seen as unsuitable
  • Some Beneficiaries have been favoured over others
  • Feeling upset and aggrieved about being disinherited or the amount of inheritance received
  • A relative having been encouraged to stay working in the family business on the promise that “all this will be yours one day”
  • Suspected Financial abuse


Who can contest Wills, Trust or Inheritance?


If you have a vested interest then you can contest a will, this will normally include spouses, divorced spouses, civil partners, co-habitees, children and dependants.




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