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Taylor&Emmet's experienced divorce solicitors can provide you with expert advice.

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Divorce Law Solicitors

Taylor&Emmet LLP’s experienced matrimonial team can provide you with expert advice and a sympathetic ear on a range of issues.

Our priority is to resolve disputes as fairly and amicably as possible without lengthy legal battles, but if it is necessary to go to court, your case will be dealt with skilfully, sensitively and efficiently. We are also able to handle urgent cases and matters involving international law.


What Do I Do Now?

Our experienced specialists lawyers understand the worry and distress conflicts involving children can cause and approach all matters sensitively and sympathetically, for the benefit of all concerned.

We advise and represent children, parents, other family members and foster carers at all stages of the process. This starts from the earliest involvement of social workers and includes meetings, case conferences and any subsequent care or related proceedings, as well as the adoption process.




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If you are interested in understanding how Taylor&Emmet can help you with your family law issues then please contact:

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Michaela Evans

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