Obtaining debt finance can prove vital in providing the necessary financing for the continued development and growth of your business or to get your property development or investment underway. It also means that, unlike equity funding, you will not have to cede ownership of your company.

The banking and finance team, which is made up of corporate, banking, insolvency, restructuring and commercial property lawyers from across the firm, provides advice and assistance to borrowers, lenders, developers, investees and investors on a wide variety of banking and finance matters for both institutional and private lenders, as well as all sizes and types of borrowers, whether PLCs, SMEs, OMBs, partnerships, public sector bodies, trusts, charities, social enterprises, or individuals. Our clients include major high street banks, building societies lending money, borrowers raising working capital or on the acquisition trail, asset based lenders, invoice lenders, property developers, venture capital funds, business angels and private investors.

We can help with everything from drafting and checking loan agreements and conducting due diligence on potential borrowers to assessing securitisation arrangements and property related transactions. Whether it is a multi-million pound refinancing for a multinational group, a leveraged buy-out, acquisition or real estate finance, an asset finance facility, a development capital deal for a fast-growing business, a property development facility or an early stage investment in a start-up company, our team have the experience and ability to handle the issues, draft and negotiate the right legal documentation, and give clear, concise and timely advice.

In today’s modern business world it has become ever more important that businesses have access to facilities which allow them to ease the potential cash flow tension between the competing demands of debtors and creditors. Asset based lending is becoming increasingly popular and can be hugely beneficial for businesses by allowing them to unlock capital in their inventory or book debts to raise credit facilities and continue funding their businesses via organic growth.

Whether your business requires debt finance for general working capital purposes, to fund a specific acquisition, or a complete refinancing of your current debt facilities, our banking and financing lawyers understand that all facility agreements must fit the commercial needs of your business. We will work with you to ensure that the legal documentation is suitably structured to provide you with certainty and flexibility on the facilities available for drawdown, allowing you to continue to manage the development and growth of your business.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset finance facilities
  • Project finance
  • Real estate funding
  • Business re-financings
  • Re-banking transactions
  • Development finance
  • Non-recourse financing
  • Invoice discounting
  • Factoring agreements
  • Leveraged finance
  • Debt & loan finance (short & long term)
  • Guarantee and bonding facilities
  • Personal guarantee advice
  • Performance bonds
  • Security documentation (principal, collateral & third party)
  • Debt for equity swaps
  • Syndicated lending
  • Escrow arrangements
  • Specific fixed asset finance arrangements
  • Sales and leasebacks
  • Deeds of priority and inter-creditor arrangements
  • Alternative sources of funding have multiplied in recent years with crowdfunding one of the most recent entrants in the field. Usually accessed via an internet-based platform, crowdfunding has become a popular way for companies, particularly start-up and early stage businesses, to gain valuable seed capital or development finance for a particular product or service.

    While smaller scale initiatives often opt for crowdfunding routes which offer investors perks rather than equity, most substantial crowdfunding schemes are equity-based. These bring with them important implications for companies to consider when deciding on whether to go down the crowdfunding route. How much of the company are you willing to offer in return for funding? What happens if your crowdfunding initiative is under-subscribed? How will you deal with a diverse equity base and how will the crowdfunding initiative affect more traditional shareholders in your business?

    Our expert team can help you with these and other issues involved with crowdfunding, providing sensible, clear-headed advice on the options available and the implications of a crowdfunding push.

    Our corporate lawyers can assist with the structuring of investments from a tax perspective to the potential benefit of all involved.

    As the economy improves and the opportunity to grow increases, more businesses are looking to venture capital to help provide the finance they need to expand.

    For early stage and start-up companies in particular, where debt funding can be difficult to obtain, venture capital can be an excellent way to access additional finance, as well as draw on the expertise of people with a track record in helping companies to grow.

    The availability of public/private venture capital funds on the market has helped to raise the profile of the sector and to make venture capital a more mainstream choice for companies raising funds. However, businesses need to make sure they know what is involved in a venture capital investment in order to make it really work for them.

    Our corporate team advises both venture capitalists and companies seeking funding on all aspects of venture capital, whether that is start-up, early-stage or development capital. We can guide companies through the complexity of the fundraising process including multiple financing rounds, taking a commercial and pragmatic approach to get the deal done on time and within budget.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • Pre-investment due diligence
    • Structuring investment transactions
    • Seed corn/start-up venture capital
    • Venture capital for expansion & diversification
    • Venture capital for strategic acquisition of bolt on
    • Refinancing of venture capital investments
    • Replacement of venture capital stakeholders
    • Pre-investment reorganisations and spin outs
    • Investment documentation
    • Grants from different public sector initiatives
    • Venture capital for turnaround and restructuring
    • Venture capital for an MBO/MBI of a company
    • Venture capital exits and buy outs
    • Syndicated/multiple venture capital investments

    For early stage or start-up companies in particular, business angels can prove to be the difference between a venture flourishing and one failing. However, business angel investments do come with consequences for any company – when will the investor want their money back? How much say do they want to have in the running of the business? Will they take the company into a direction which doesn’t suit your plans? What happens if the relationship between investor and management breaks down? All things to be discussed and clarified at the outset.

    Our corporate team has advised on a wide range of business angel transactions involving companies in a variety of different sectors, from software and technology businesses to manufacturers and retailers. We can help you to focus on the important issues for you and your business and deal confidently in negotiations with potential financial backers. Since we have also advised business angels themselves, we can offer a valuable perspective on any transaction and provide guidance which is grounded in real-world experience.

    Our corporate experts can assist with the structuring of investments from a tax perspective to the potential benefit of all involved.

    Private equity funding has grown in popularity in recent years as an increasing number of companies across a wide range of industry sectors discover the advantages it can bring to their business.

    Private equity investments can have a transformational effect on a business, not just in terms of the additional financial muscle they provide but also from the input of experienced professionals who have a track record of growing successful companies. However, they also bring their own challenges to management and owners and taking legal advice from experienced knowledgeable experts in this sector can make a major difference to the success or otherwise of a private equity transaction.

    We can help whether you are an early stage company looking at your first potential private equity transaction or a business looking to change private equity partners. As well as acting for companies looking for private equity injections, we also advise a series of private equity firms on their investments so we are able to look at any transaction with a genuine all-round perspective.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • Pre-investment due diligence
    • Structuring investment transactions
    • Equity finance from private equity funds
    • Equity finance for turnaround or restructuring
    • Refinancing of equity investments
    • Replacement of equity finance stakeholders
    • Pre-investment reorganisations and spin outs
    • Investment documentation
    • Grants from different public sector initiatives
    • Equity finance for an MBO/MBI of a company
    • Equity exits and buy outs
    • Syndicated/multiple equity investments



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