For expert legal advice for your Intellectual Property worries call our specialists at Taylor&Emmet on 0114 218 4051 or contact us online so we can provide you with expert legal advice.

  • Collaboration agreements/arrangements for development of new IP
  • Copyright matters
  • Database rights
  • Design rights
  • Distance selling considerations
  • Framework agreements
  • Intellectual property due diligence
  • IP licenses & assignments
  • IP security
  • Maintenance & support agreements
  • Managed services agreements
  • Passing off & IPR infringement
  • Patents
  • Privacy & e-commerce regulations
  • Protection & licensing of brand & image right
  • Registration & licensing of marks, patents & design rights
  • Research & development agreements
  • Software development & hosting agreements
  • Software licence & distribution agreements
  • Technology, media & telecommunication agreements
  • Trade/service marks
  • Trading & marketing online
  • VAR Agreements
  • Website development agreements
  • Website terms of use & privacy/cookie policies

If you would like to be able to resolve a dispute without going to court or the employment tribunal, you maybe able to achieve this by way of mediation. This is a cost effective alternative to more lengthy, costly and adversarial approaches to dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration. For expert legal advice for your mediation needs call our mediation specilists at Taylor&Emmet on 0114 218 4065 or contact us online.

Mediation is a voluntary “without prejudice” process by which a specially trained mediator helps people in a dispute to reach an agreement to settle. The parties involved, not the mediator, decide the terms of the agreement.

We can mediate in the following:

  • Building disputes
  • Contentious insolvency matters
  • Contractual disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Trading disputes, including consumer issues
  • Commercial agency disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Contentious probate disputes
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenant disputes

Why use a Taylor&Emmet mediator?

Partner and head of our business services department, Rob Moore, is a fully accredited mediator. The advantages of using a mediator in commercial disputes include:

  • Maintaining better relationships between the parties - if a business relationship remains an important consideration, mediation can keep you and the other side talking.
  • A win-win solution - both you and the other side will benefit from having reached a settlement agreement you can both live with, having avoided an adversarial battle.
  • Control - you stay in control of the outcome of your dispute rather that having the outcome decided by a judge or arbitrator. Saving time - you can organise and conclude a mediation within days rather than having to wait months or even years for a trial or final arbitration hearing.
  • Costs savings - the costs of going to court or arbitration are usually extremely high. A large amount of those costs can be avoided by agreeing a settlement through mediation

Owning or developing land can be a dangerous business. Environmental issues are of growing importance to businesses and individuals alike. Environmental regulation has tightened enormously in recent years and landowners, developers and those working in environmentally sensitive industries need to be alive to the impact their actions have on the wider community.

We provide a specialist service dealing with disputes that arise when activities conducted on land affect neighbouring landowners. Environmental nuisance disputes are on the rise because of the pressure on land use in our increasingly urban communities. Apparently minor works on land can have serious consequences for neighbours.

Environmental nuisances can arise in many ways, and the most common types include:

  • Flooding
  • Fires
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Odours

We provide a specialist service dealing with disputes that arise when activities conducted on land affect neighbouring landowners.

Disputes often involve large numbers of claimants, usually local residents affected by industrial or environmentally assertive activities. We act for both claimants and defendants and understand the different approaches required. That enables us to apply pressure to the right point at the right time.

We try to resolve disputes quickly by using mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. If that fails, we offer a full litigation service to trial and beyond if necessary. Our lawyers have litigated environmental nuisance disputes in the Technology and Construction Court and the Court of Appeal.

Subject to an assessment of merits, we accept instructions from individuals on a conditional fee basis, and from businesses on either a conditional fee or a fixed fee basis.

As well as our extensive knowledge of the environmental issues involved in such disputes, we maintain good relationships with external experts and specialist barristers. We are members of the Environmental Law Foundation and the head of our team is a Trustee of the National Flood Forum.

Some recent examples of our work:

Acting for a property developer in pursuing a £2 million claim against a utility company for damages for diminution in the value of development land caused by water and sewage discharges.

Advising an NHS Primary Care Trust on environmental nuisance issues following internal flooding in premises owned by the Trust caused by works conducted upstream.

Representing a residents’ group in a claim against a local authority and waste management company concerning smells and dust emanating from a neighbouring council-owned industrial estate.

Acting for a number of residents in a claim against operators of a port arising from increased noise levels and emissions of dust with potential to cause personal injury.

Starting a new business or developing a new idea can be extremely daunting particularly when faced with the many legal obstacles you have to overcome to get where you want to be. For expert legal advice for your new business call us on 0114 218 4051 or contact us online.

Taylor&Emmet LLP has a dedicated team of business specialists who can provide you with the advice, guidance and support you need to get started. Our partner-led team provides a wide range of legal and business support services to help you develop your ideas and promote business growth.

We are a full service firm with an integrated approach to the provision of legal services to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs which ensures that you can draw on the substantial experience of our solicitors in many areas including corporate finance & commercial, commercial property, commercial litigation and employment.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Setting up your company or business
  • Advising on banking documentation
  • Creating shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Branding
  • Credit management including collection of debts
  • Employment including the opportunity to join our T&E Complete insurance backed employment advice scheme
  • Leasing or buying your business premises
  • Free legal updates on topical areas relating to your business
  • Introductions to funders for development capital and expansion


Employment checklist

When starting up your own company, you may at some point, need to think about recruiting employees. This is a big step for any business and needs to be given careful consideration. How many employees do you think you will need?

Health and safety checklist

Starting up your own company is an exciting time, and you can get carried away focussing on more interesting decisions such as premises, staff, product lines, advertising and marketing etc. However, something that needs serious consideration at the same time is Health and Safety.

Businesses instruct us because they appreciate lawyers who win cases. We provide a full range of litigation services to our commercial clients, from handling business-critical disputes to dealing with smaller, everyday cases. For expert legal advice for your business call the business law solicitors at Taylor&Emmet on 0114 218 4100 or contact us online.

All of the partners in our commercial litigation team joined Taylor&Emmet from large national firms, and we take pride in our ability to win complex disputes. Our lawyers have appeared regularly in the appeal courts and we’re not afraid to push our opponents all the way. Our team is known for its creativity and flexibility and we take an innovative approach to our cases. We are rated in the Legal 500 as a “highly professional, outstanding practice."

By putting our clients in the strongest possible position, we help them achieve a solution that’s right for them. Our approach to disputes is to look first for the exit strategy that satisfies our clients’ commercial objectives.

Prevention is better than cure and we are also able to advise on dispute avoidance and risk and credit management.

We have experience in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, and our team includes a fully trained and accredited mediator.



Conditional Fee Agreement ("CFA") offers a different way to fund litigation. It is an agreement by which we agree to share the risk of the litigation with you according to the result. If you lose, you will not be liable to pay...


We provide a specialist service dealing with disputes that arise when activities conducted on land affect neighbouring landowners.


For expert legal advice for your Intellectual Property worries call our specialists at Taylor&Emmet so we can provide you with expert legal advice.


If you would like to be able to resolve a dispute without going to court or the employment tribunal, you maybe able to achieve this by way of mediation. This is a cost effective alternative to more lengthy, costly...

  • Breach of warranty claims
  • Building disputes
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Commercial agency disputes
  • Directors disqualification disputes
  • Estate and probate disputes
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants
  • Insolvency disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Trading disputes, including consumer issues


Commercial contract dispute

Advising a US oil and gas exploration company in a $20 million multi-national fraud claim concerning the implementation of a drilling contract in Portugal.

Commercial contract breach

Acting for a publicly-listed professional services company in a £1 million claim for damages for breach of a commercial supply contract concerning the provision of property searches.

Commercial contract dispute

Advising an industry sector representative body on the implementation of member dispute and disciplinary procedures, including advice on individual cases.

Contract dispute

Advising a higher education institution in respect of a contractual dispute with an administrative partner, resulting in the termination of contract and the negotiation of new memoranda of co-operation with an academic partner.

Restrictive covenant

Acting for a telecoms company in an application against a former dealer for an injunction to restrain breaches of restrictive covenants in the dealership agreement.

Commercial contract termination

Acting for a large engineering contractor in a multi-million pound claim for damages for breach of contract following the unlawful termination of an industrial processing contract.

Trading dispute

Advising a manufacturer of industrial equipment in its defence of a £2 million delay and disruption claim by a construction company in the Middle East.

Commercial contract dispute

Acting for an independent school in the defence of a substantial dispute with a contractor concerning variations to a construction contract, and in an associated professional negligence claim against the employer's agent.


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