Inheritance Tracing

Taylor&Emmet LLP have a specialist team serving both the public and private sector in all matters relating to inheritance and asset tracing.

Taylor&Emmet LLP have a specialist team serving both the public and private sector in all matters relating to inheritance and asset tracing.

Working alongside our trusted partners in this field, we have extensive experience of assisting local authorities, housing associations, care providers, hospitals and funeral directors in locating next of kin and administering intestate estates.

Sadly, around two thirds of the population die intestate and some will have all lost contact with their family. This creates a problem for the local authority or the individual who may be tasked with the responsibility of having to arrange the funeral and attempting to locate the next of kin. As well as the administrative and financial burden of arranging a Public Health funeral, a time-consuming referral to the Government Legal Department may also be necessary.

Our Inheritance Tracing team offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Intestacy Specialists

We have specialist expertise in dealing with complex intestacy cases involving large family trees where little is known about the deceased and their financial affairs. Many of our cases involve estates across multiple jurisdictions. We have expert knowledge of cases involving historical death duties and mitigation of capital gains tax for the estate.

Asset Tracing

We have developed different techniques and processes to offer an unrivalled approach to identification of lost and unknown assets. Due to our thorough and rigorous checks we have successfully identified and repatriated unclaimed assets worth several millions of pounds.

Beneficiary Tracing

Working with our trusted partners we can assist with tracing next of kin and missing beneficiaries. In the vast majority of cases, next of kin can usually be identified within 24-48 hours.

Empty Homes

We assist local authorities in putting empty properties back into use and avoid the need for enforcement action. Whilst the owner of the property is being identified, we can make urgent applications to appoint an administrator or deputy to safeguard and maintain the property and prevent any loss to the owner’s estate.

Court of Protection

We assist local authorities in cases where an individual lacks capacity to manage their financial affairs and there is no attorney, or anyone able or willing to be appointed as their deputy. In such cases we can apply to the Court of Protection for a professional deputy to be appointed to act on their behalf.



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