Challenging a will, trust or inheritance?

Seek sound advice. If the death of a loved one has left more questions than answers, our team of leading lawyers can help you to make sure their final wishes are met.

Many law firms lack the specialist expertise to deal with a will, trust or inheritance dispute properly and effectively. This is due to the fact that in many law firms, such cases are handled either by a “traditional” probate solicitor who has no knowledge or experience of disputes and Court proceedings, or by solicitors in general litigation departments who have little experience of either the probate process or the unique rules applying to will, trust and estate disputes.

Taylor&Emmet’s team consists of practitioners who are recognised as experts in this field, offering a comprehensive and sensitive advice. We act for a large number of Trustees, Executors, Beneficiaries and disappointed Beneficiaries and have a range of funding options available which can be considered on a case by case basis.

We offer a free initial no obligation appointment to discuss any such issues.



We act for both Personal Representatives and Beneficiaries of Estates or Trusts with a number of problematic issues such as:- Executors and Trustees are unable to agree...


Occasionally, concerns arise that a person who has been responsible for managing money or property belonging to somebody else has not been managing those assets properly.


When a person has lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves, those decisions can be made by others on their behalf, provided such decisions are made in their best interests.


Acting as an Executor or Trustee brings with it a host of legal duties and responsibilities. When people act jointly with others, conflicts can, and often do...


It is one of the main duties of Executors or Trustees to hold and manage money and/or property on behalf of others beneficiaries).


Close relatives or friends of a Deceased person are often left disappointed when they have made sacrifices in the belief that they would benefit under a person’s Will only to find that they have not inherited what...


Fraudulent calumny is a form of fraud whereby a false representation about the character of an individual is made to the testator for the purpose of persuading the testator to exclude that individual from any benefit...


The elderly are the most likely demographic to suffer financially due to a combination of increasing physical and mental frailty, reliance on others and the fact that they often have substantial savings.


Relatives and loved ones often feel upset and aggrieved about being disinherited or the amount of inheritance they receive under a Will...


Claims regarding the validity of a Will require careful, specialist analysis of the case, the evidence available and the consequences of each strand of claim.


Need some help? Our tips and guides should help you.

Wills - FAQs

A Will is a document which allows you to decide how your money and property will be distributed after your death and who should deal with the administration of your estate...

Do I really need to make a will?

Clients often ask me this, as many believe wills are for people with complex affairs or the wealthy. This is not necessarily the case...

Powers of Attorney - FAQs

A Power of Attorney is the document you sign to appoint an attorney. There are many different types of Power of Attorney. The Power may be limited to certain property or certain actions, or it may give your attorney general authority to act on your behalf....

Planning for long term residential care?

Not everyone will need the services of a nursing home in later life, but the demand for care is increasing as we all live longer – not necessarily in good health...

Worried about care home fees?

We find that clients are often concerned about this issue, after having been told horror stories by friends and family about other people having to sell their homes to meet the cost of care...

Executors - what you need to know

Executors are responsible for administering the estate of the deceased in accordance with the terms of his or her Will, but it can be a difficult and complex role to carry out. ...



29 November 2020




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