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Taylor&Emmet solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with claims arising from workplace injuries. We will pursue a full investigation of the incident and an assessment of compensation for personal injury...


Whether you are playing at the local playground, travelling abroad or simply attending your local school, accidents do occur. Our advisers are experts in dealing with personal injury compensation...


Many people who develop diseases due to exposure to asbestos may be eligible for compensation. Taylor&Emmet specialist solicitors have in-depth...


In our experience, parents are sometimes unsure as to whether they are allowed to make personal injury compensation claims on behalf of their children when they are injured.


Injuries as a result of a criminal act whether you have been physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, mugged or been the victim of arson or poisoning are particularly traumatic both physically and mentally.


As well as injuries caused by accidents at work and illnesses caused through work such as stress, many people suffer from industrial diseases and other medical conditions arising out of their employment.


It can be a difficult time for those who, through no fault of their own, have had an accident at work, which has resulted in injury and financial hardship.


Our advisers understand the trauma that road traffic accidents can cause and the devastating effect they can have on the injured person and their families. We will guide you through the relevant points of law and...


We recently won £4500.00 for a lady client arising from an accident at work.

What makes the claim interesting is not the modest level of damages but the application of the law that made the case into a winner. The claimant is a manager at a trade warehouse which, amongst its products sells wine & beer. The claimant was unfortunate enough to be walking close to a forklift truck which was carrying cases of beer on a pallet which fractured , causing the cases to fall onto the client and injuring her.

The claimant is a manager at a trade warehouse which, amongst its products sells wine & beer. The claimant was unfortunate enough to be walking close to a forklift truck which was carrying cases of beer on a pallet which fractured , causing the cases to fall onto the client and injuring her.

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We recently won damages for an elderly lady injured in a road traffic accident. Nothing too remarkable in that, except part of the settlement wasn’t money!

The claimant was a pedestrian injured whilst out shopping and crossing a road at the mouth of a junction. A motorist didn’t see the claimant, whilst reversing into the junction, and the car knocked her down. It was a low speed impact but unfortunately, as the claimant fell, she struck her hip on the edge of the kerb & sustained a fracture which resulted in her undergoing a hip replacement operation.

A robust letter of claim was directed to the insurers for the motorist and an early admission of liability secured.

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Mr J, the amateur athlete – award of nearly £200,000.00 to reflect change of lifestyle.

Recently, we settled a claim for Mr J, aged 40, who was riding home from work on his pushbike when he was struck by a careless driver, sustaining multiple injuries. The worst injury was to his knee and after he had recovered as fully as possible, he was able to return to work and live a near-normal life. To look at him, you would not know that he carries a disability as he worked very hard to rehabilitate his knee both by attending physiotherapy and by exercising at his local gym so that he now walks normally and looks fit and healthy.

Appearances can be deceptive however, as our client’s life has changed dramatically since the accident as he was a very capable and successful marathon and triathlon competitor beforehand. He used to run and cycle many miles a day, won plenty of trophies and his social life revolved around sports. Now, he can do very little physical exercise without tiring and experiencing pain. He tried his hardest to achieve greater recovery, often putting himself through punishing levels of pain, but finally decided, after receiving medical advice, that his athletic days are over.

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Mrs H is an elderly lady who was involved in a Road Traffic Accident whilst driving in the countryside. She suffered a whiplash injury and her legal expenses insurers appointed solicitors from their panel to represent her. At first she thought that was a very convenient way of dealing with her claim, but soon became disillusioned with her advisers.

The solicitors appointed were in a City about eighty miles away – too far for her to visit – so they dealt with her by post and telephone. Very soon after the accident, she was examined by a medical expert and a matter of a few weeks later she was advised that there had been an offer of £1500 and that she should accept it. As she was still suffering from the effects of her injury, she protested that the offer appeared too low.

Soon afterwards, another offer of £1700 was made and the solicitors insisted that she must accept it.

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